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Angel or devil, good or evil, Christ or Satan: These are the mystical questions revolving around the nameless figure living in the coastal dunes outside of a small French town. Named one of the top ten films of the year by Cahiers du Cinema and an official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, Hors Satan is a provocative parable of identity, morality, and human relationships, defying notions of genre to become a mesmerizing and haunting original. -- (C) New Yorker Films -- (C) New Yorker Films Unrated
Release Date Hors Satan Jan 18, 2013 Limited
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Actors For Hors Satan

David Dewaele,Alexandre Lematre,Valerie Mestdagh,Sonia Barthelemy,Juliette Bacquet,Christophe Bon,Dominique Caffier,Aurore Broutin

Genres Hors Satan : Drama,Special Interest

Visitor Ranting & Critics For Hors Satan

User Ranting Hors Satan : 3.2
User Percentage For Hors Satan : %
User Count Like for Hors Satan : 389
All Critics Ranting For Hors Satan : 6.3
All Critics Count For Hors Satan : 34
All Critics Percentage For Hors Satan : 76 %

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Movie Overview For Hors Satan

Along the Côte d'Opale, near a hamlet, with its dunes and marshes, lives a mysterious wanderer from nowhere who struggles along, poaches, prays and builds fires...

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Review For Hors Satan

Inarticulate characters, long blank stares, forced camera angles and allegorical nonsense make up this pretentious study in quasi-religious ennui.
Kirk Honeycutt-Hollywood Reporter

Maddening, pretentious, hypnotic and transcendent in roughly equal measure.
Rob Nelson-Variety

Despite its pictorial intensity and the extremity of some of its scenes, the film proceeds in a mood of detachment, turning the suffering physical beings under its scrutiny into abstractions.
A.O. Scott-New York Times

Hors Satan is stark, strange and uncompromisingly personal. It's also vivid and unforgettable.
Mark Jenkins-NPR

Dumont's rigorous, serious attention to the mysteries of good, evil, and faith rewards those willing to be confounded.
Lisa Schwarzbaum-Entertainment Weekly

Ultimately less an arty provocation than a secular invocation, Outside Satan seems almost helplessly exploratory, an honest account of groping for grace.
Jonathan Kiefer-Village Voice

God works in strange ways, especially when Bruno Dumont directs him. Or is that the devil?
Peter Keough-Boston Phoenix

The ambiguity of the episodic story with its sparse dialog, combined with the visually stunning landscape photography, makes "Hors Satan" a compelling, if overly long, composition.
Robin Clifford-Reeling Reviews

"Hors Satan" could be grouped with Carlos Reygadas' "Silent Light" (itself based on Dreyer's "Ordet") and the films of Robert Bresson, but his minimalism makes his meaning more elusive, inviting less emotion than those filmmakers.
Laura Clifford-Reeling Reviews

It's difficult to feel transported by the impossible when the film's world is already so clearly governed by the arbitrary.
Mark Asch-Film Comment Magazine

Controversial yet meditative French drama makes inscrutability its raison d'etre.
Eric Monder-Film Journal International

As its title suggests, Satan grapples with the existence and nature of evil in the world, but it's hard to take such weighty matters seriously when they're explored with all the subtlety and grace of an anti-abortion pamphlet.
Mike D'Angelo-AV Club

Provocative French filmmaker Dumont pushes boundaries even further with an astonishing approach to the Christian narrative (the title translates as Outside Satan), mixing the sacred and profane to shake up audiences and get us thinking.

The problem with "Outside Satan" is that the filmmaker has remained faithful to expectations without enlivening them.
Eric Kohn-indieWIRE

Bruno Dumont's employment of his bucolic French backdrop here attends to Hors Satan's muddying spiritual ambiguity.
John Semley-Slant Magazine

[Dumont's] sixth film and perhaps his most compelling ...
Philip French-Observer [UK]

The film develops a powerful hold on the watcher as it progresses. But beware, it takes you on the weirdest of metaphysical journeys.
-This is London

It is hard to be certain who the characters are, where they come from and how they know each other.
Grant Rollings-Sun Online

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